Tokyo 2020

Tokyo 2020

ES GLOBAL played a pivotal role in orchestrating the setup of various arenas for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, showcasing their expertise in event infrastructure. Their meticulous planning ensured that each venue was equipped to host diverse sporting disciplines, embodying the spirit of excellence and innovation. From the iconic stadiums to the intricate details of temporary facilities, ES GLOBAL's contributions elevated the Olympic experience for athletes and spectators alike.
  • Project Title: Tokyo 2020
  • Client: Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • Designers: WOO Architects and Tripod
  • Engineers: Structured Environment
Location: Japan

Tokyo 2020 Tennis VENUE

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ES GLOBAL’s expertise shone brightly in their meticulous setup of the Tokyo 2020 Tennis Arena. With precision and dedication, they transformed the venue into a world-class stage for tennis enthusiasts and athletes alike. From crafting the perfect court surface to optimizing spectator seating, ES GLOBAL ensured an unforgettable experience at the heart of the Olympic Games.


For the delivery of the Tokyo Olympic golf venue, the challenge was to balance the demands of installing the overlay and infrastructure for the event with the needs of members at the exclusive Kasumigaseki Country Club.

The continued use of the 36-hole course during the installation programme placed restrictions on when work could be carried out. And when the pandemic hit and the Games were postponed in March 2020, we had to react quickly to make safe and hibernate equipment that had been delivered and those back-of-house works that were completed.

Despite the 12-month pause and late changes to the design forced by the pandemic, we delivered all of the overlay and infrastructure including modular buildings, platforms for screens, broadcast cameras and lasers, seating and tents, as well as ground protection and pathways, groundworks and temporary water and waste.


The temporary venue for the shooting events at the 2020 Summer Olympics was built at Campa Asaka, a Japanese Army Base near Tokyo, and consisted of three separate structures housing the Trap and Skeet, Qualification and 50m ranges.

We adapted the temporary structures we had supplied for the London 2012 Olympics, strengthening them to meet engineering requirements for local seismic and typhoon conditions and adding HVAC systems to deal with the high summer temperatures. At the event’s end, we removed the structures and restored the site in every respect to its former state, including reinstating dugouts used by army cadets. To the naked eye, there is no sign that the site was ever used for an Olympic event.

The three dismantled buildings have been stored locally, with future applications in Japan – major shooting championships and otherwise – in mind.

Tokyo 2020 Hockey

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ES GLOBAL’s pivotal role in setting up the Tokyo 2020 Hockey Arena was nothing short of remarkable. Their meticulous planning and execution ensured that the arena provided a flawless stage for the world’s top hockey talent to showcase their skills. From constructing the playing surface to optimizing spectator viewpoints, ES GLOBAL’s expertise elevated the excitement and atmosphere of the Olympic hockey matches to unparalleled heights.