Circular Solutions

We want our projects to make the right kind of impact – on the environment as well as audiences. We proactively put sustainability first on projects, maximising the reuse of structures and equipment, and reducing our carbon footprint

Our aim is to deliver milestone moments with an approach that champions circularity and sustainability, and breaks new ground in the events and construction industries.

By making the concept of re-use a central feature of all our activities and projects, we continually re-purpose equipment, design out waste and design in efficiency.

Maintaining the integrity and durability of our equipment on an ongoing basis means we can deliver technically and creatively exceptional solutions on time, time after time. It follows that every ES Global frame, truss and coupler has a story to tell, from supporting a live band to providing a great view for spectators at an Olympic event to accommodating an emergency health facility.

Beyond reusability, we are committed to making continuous improvements to the sustainability performance at our sites by optimising our resources and expertise. More broadly, ES Global focuses on climate action, fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace and making a positive impact in the communities we work in.


We work to the principle of designing out waste, re-purposing kit and designing in efficiency.


We design all of our components and equipment for maximum reusability and recovery.
And, to maximise our reuse rate, our stock tracking system allows us to trace each piece of our equipment as it moves through projects and our own storage systems. Following the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, for example, we were able to retrieve over 90% of the materials used on our projects there.


We’re proud of our circular economy practices, which place a major emphasis on the exceptional quality of the equipment we manufacture and use. Many of our components and systems have been in use for over 25 years. The truss system we developed to build a cinema venue at the Millennium Dome in 2002 was reused to create the water polo arena at the London 2012 Olympic Games, and again for the velodrome at the Jakarta 2018 Asian Games, which became a permanent venue.

ES GLOBAL constructed the ABBA Voyage Arena in early 2022, which showcases how a modular system can be structurally compatible to a conventional permanent structure and built to be reused over time. Unlike conventional temporary buildings, the ABBA Voyage Arena was not designed for single use. By incorporating the modular system, the entire ABBA Voyage structure can be taken down, packed into containers for efficient transportation and relocated and reassembled for future events. The modular concept maximises the practical reusability of all components and extending the lifespan of materials.

ES Global is committed to the drive for a positive social and environmental impactive through its daily activities, as we strive to become the leader of this sector in our industry.