ES GLOBAL’s rebrand journey

ES GLOBAL’s rebrand journey

Have you noticed things looking and feeling a little differently at ES GLOBAL?

Just a month ago, we embarked on a brand refresh journey driven by our team’s forward-thinking vision and our aspiration to embody an energy that aligns with our accomplishments. Spearheaded by the talented minds at North, a London-based creative agency, we’ve unveiled a fresh logo, website, and a new strapline. Our brand transformation has been picked up by Access All Areas magazine, who featured our news here.

The last few years has been a period of expansion, excitement and delivery of projects on an unprecedented scale. In this new era, we felt the need for a visual and brand identity that matched these new frontiers.

That doesn’t mean everything will be changing — our delivery of exceptional experiences for great clients will be staying the same.

As contractors, we’ll continue to design and deliver relocatable architecture and structures for major events and projects around the world – setting the scene for the extraordinary, as promised, and delivering the impossible, as planned.

We’d like to thank all of our collaborators and clients of the last 50 years, as well as North for aiding us in this exciting step — we’re certainly very happy with the result.