Reflecting on Eurovision 2023

One month on from the iconic Eurovision build in Liverpool and we couldn’t be prouder to have been involved. As a creative, innovative, and sustainable events company, we relish the opportunity to tackle challenging projects, and this one was no exception.

Our team put in an incredible amount of work to bring the roof grid, platforms, and commentary booths to life. We used existing, proprietary equipment for the 20m x 25m x 18m high main ground support (the show rigging was split between this and the main arena roof), the main sub deck for the show to be built on, all countries’ commentary booths, camera platforms, all access stairs and various cable gantries. As recommended by Unusual Rigging, we installed an outdoor self-climbing roof system to take some of the load out of the venue roof. The total static load came to just under 140 tonnes due to the weight of four large clad lighting arcs, each weighing 5 tonnes, as well as three scenic ovals suspended above the stage thrust, and a substantial number of flown LED and lights.

Creative Technology UK and its sister company, Faber, collaborated to set up an impressive LED floor in two sections. Comprising more than 700 panels of ROE Black Marble, the floor adorned the expansive oval, catwalk, and upstage areas of the stage.

As well as this work within the main arena, we provided the main stage and front of house structure, accessible viewing platform, delay towers and video screen supports for the Liverpool City Council Eurovision Village. For the Eurovision Village we used; our brilliant 16m LT stage for the main stage, our ES GLOBAL Decking system for the accessible viewing platform, ES GLOBAL LT truss (which was used to combine the two delay towers with the two video screen supports to maintain good sightliness across the site) and ES GLOBAL Front Of House. Our adaptable kit makes it possible to create these incredible bespoke structures that feel truly personal to the event.

We’re thrilled to have been involved in crafting an atmosphere that embodied the modern, contemporary spirit of the Eurovision Song contest, while still exuding the unique and iconic essence of the event.

A big thank you to our clients BBC Studios and Liverpool City Council for this amazing opportunity.